High-tech meets Low-Budget
Don’t have $30,000 to drop on a custom app? We get that. Canaan Media is here to provide high quality media for a fraction of the cost… ok… a fraction of a fraction of the cost.

An Introduction
When we start a project for you, we don’t see you as another client on a list. Why? Because we are a ministry and not a business. We see every project as an opportunity to further the cause of Christ.
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We Build Apps
Apps are becoming as useful and needful to every ministry as websites are. We have over 5 years of experience and a proven development strategy when it comes to app creation. An app for your ministry is at your fingertips…

Template? Never…
A website from Canaan Media is always one-of-a-kind. With modern responsive layout and sleek design, our sites are never a template and are always a perfect reflection of your church or ministry.

Local Church Music
As a ministry of a church, we understand the importance of excellence in music and the need for it to be produced through the local church. Our goal is to be that avenue for Baptist churches across America.

Picture Perfect
In this age where visuals are so powerful, we have taken a front seat to the best technology available to independent filmmakers. Our plan to help your church or ministry stand out is one that hopes to further the cause of Christ through each video production.

Become A Sponsor
As a ministry, the only way to keep our prices down is for us to have sponsors/supporters who offer us financial support on a monthly basis. We pray that you would consider signing up to further this great work.