Professional Equipment
It is the digital age… No more noisy analog sound boards. Here in the Canaan Media Studio we use the Presonus StudioLive 16.4.2 AI to capture crystal clear vocals without the problems you find in older systems. This, coupled with Studio One 2 DAW software, allows us to achieve the perfect mix for any project.

Bring an Instrument
In addition to piano and vocals we also record instrumentals. If you play an instrument, or multiple ones for that matter, you can rest assured that Canaan Media Studio will capture the uniqueness of each artist and instrument.

Custom Orchestration
Using professional audio samples from a real live symphonic orchestra, we construct melodies and harmonies that will complement your music and bring that big budget sound to every song. Listen to the samples below for an idea of the power of our compositions.

Your Time Has Comeā€¦
We can’t wait to start on a recording project for you. Before we do though we would love to talk to you about your project…so don’t be shy! Let’s get the ball rolling…

Get It Rolling

Some Examples